Synyx at the Droidcon 2011

It has been a while since these pages saw some content. The daily software engineering business calls for our full attention, leaving us writing more code than content. Which is absolutely a good thing! Nevertheless we want to show you, that we are still pretty much alive.
While still working on some new articles, we are at this very moment in Berlin to visit the Droidcon conference. From March 23rd to 24th, we will be attending the barcamp sessions & talks. It will be our pleasure to meet familiar faces as also new people there and we are looking forward to interesting discussions.
We wish everyone attending a good time there!
— Florian Krupicka & Tobias Knell
PS: If you are more interested in database storage beyond SQL, you will also be able to meet even more members of the Synyx family at the MongoBerlin conference on Friday, the 25th of March.