Netbeans and OpenCms

OpenCms stores all its content like JSP-templates, images and CSS files in a virtual file system which makes it impossible to use normal development models. As we are using it for several years now we’ve always been trying to improve our development processes.
One of the results is a custom Netbeans plugin for working with OpenCms. We’ve been using it successfully in several projects but didn’t find the time to release it to the public until today. The plugin can now be downloaded on our open source project site.
It consists of a combination of a Netbeans plugin and an OpenCms module and is targeted at development environments. Files can be uploaded using the Netbeans context menu. This drastically improves the development time as changes can be applied and checked immediately.

Of course we are interested if this plugin is useful for anybody so leave a comment if you like it. If you are interested in any enhancements or you found a bug just issue a ticket in redmine.