Synyx MessageSource: Load your i18n messages from database

A while ago we wanted to store internationalisation for a project in database to allow (a subset of) users to create and update internationalisation using the application itself. When we searched the web for existing projects that allow to do this we did not find a good and ready to use solution. This is why we decided to write the code ourselves and make it available to others, especially since there was some public demand and it will probably not be shipped by SpringSource (check out Google for details).
So today I’d like to announce our new Open Source project Synyx Messagesource for Spring business-friendly published using Apache License, Version 2.0.
When you want to store internationalisation of your Spring-backed application in database, the project is the right thing to use. It provides an implementation of Springs MessageSource interface that is able to load and cache a set of messages at once using a MessageProvider. The project brings a configurable one that is able to read (and write) your i18n to database using JDBC. There is also support to import and export your messages to the “standard” i18n .properties files.
You can find the projects homepage including documentation how to get started and how everything works here. You should not get problems to get up and running after reading the information from the projects Wiki. If you’re having any trouble or feature request feel free to contact us or create a ticket in the projects issue tracker.