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26. Juni 2019
Michael Lihs,  Alexander Müssig

DevOps Meetup: Concourse CI

Few years ago, Continuous Integration (CI) or at least Continuous Delivery (CD) used to be bleeding edge technology. If you managed to set it up for your project you were playing amongst the cool kids. Nowadays having a CI/CD pipeline can be considered mainstream and without a fully automated delivery workflow in place, you are likely to lose important competitive advantage.

One can argue that CI/CD pipelines became a key driver for a team’s software delivery performance. They evolved from some hacky shell scripts – that were created once and never ever touched again – to a critical component of your software project that need to be maintained and scaled like any other artifact.

During this presentation we will introduce some patterns and general requirements for modern delivery pipelines and discuss why Concourse might be the right tool to develop and operate pipelines “that don’t suck”.

The target audience of the talk are all software and infrastructure developers that want to learn how to use Concourse to build maintainable and scalable delivery pipelines.

The presentation will be given in English at the DevOps Meetup Karlsruhe.