Building Android projects with maven - part 2: Releases with maven

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Building Android projects with Maven - Part 1: Setup

Building and managing Android projects with maven is not as easy as it could be. So in this blog, I’ll show you how we managed to get it work nicely. In this example, we’ll create a parent project with an app module and a separate instrumentation tests module. Project setup The quickest approach to create a new Android project with maven is using a maven archetype from aquinet (http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/de.akquinet.android.archetypes). For this project, we’ll use the android-release archetype, as it creates a skeleton for exactly our case, as we also want to release the app with maven.

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Android: size depending orientation lock

We had a case in an internal app, where on Phones only the Portrait mode should be possible and on Tablets only the Landscape mode. So I googled a bit and tried out some things, and here is the solution I found for this problem. First, in each Activiy in the AndroidManifest (or each Activity that should have this behaviour, but I prefer a consistent behaviour for the whole app), declare the following:

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A small look into Google Cloud Messages

Within the scope of some Android R&D I took a look at Google’s Cloud Message Service, GCM. Well, the starter guide at http://developer.android.com/google/gcm/gs.html is almost all you need to get started, so I’ll explain my setup and some further instructions for a small test case. In case you already decided to setup GCM for yourself: make sure to do the guide above until you reach the ‘Writing the Android Application’ part.

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Android: Expandable ListView

In today’s tutorial I’d like to show you how to implement a ListView, that only displays a limited number of entries. With a button at the end of the list, the user can load more entries. To achieve this goal, we first need to implement a basic Adapter that provides our ListView with the entries: private class ExpandableListAdapter extends BaseAdapter { private List entries; private Context context; public ExpandableListAdapter(List entries) { this.

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Visualize JavaScript code quality and code coverage with Sonar

It is hard to imagine a web project without JavaScript code today. JavaScript is an easy to learn and very performant script language. In the past we have used JavaScript mostly for eye-candy and form validation. Recently we have been asked more often to implement complex user interfaces with trees, sortable tables and things like that. So we decided to rely more on JavaScript to improve the feedback of the website to user actions.

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