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I think I spider

We are working on a fair number of Apps here at our mobile team and today we are proud to announce one of them: I think I spider! The “I think I spider” App idea was born, when we discovered the corresponding web site. We had so much fun with it, that we decided to bring all the joy to the major mobile platforms. Thanks to the support of Michael, the master mind behind ithinkispider.

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User statistics from SynyxSudoku

First of all, I was quite surprised as i saw that 70% of the SynyxSudoku users that uploaded their highscores have also agreed to send us their device specific data, because I really didn’t expect more than 10-20%. So as you can imagine, we’ve got quite a few samples of data since the release, on that we now want to give you a little overview. The devices came mostly with the latest Android versions available:

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SynyxSudoku update to version 1.02

There were a few little things that had to be changed on SynyxSudoku after the release, so today we uploaded an update to the version 1.02. Here’s a quick changelog: You can now only resume a game after a restart of the app, if you started a game in the previous session (or before) and didn’t solve it. (If the app was moved into the background while a solved game was active, you can still resume it if you like.

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Release of SynyxSudoku

We are proud to announce, that our sudoku app, “SynyxSudoku” is now available on the android store. And best of all: It’s completely free of charge ! (except for your traffic costs, of course :-) ) SynyxSudoku offers 3 difficulty levels, containing nearly unlimited puzzling fun due to new created sudokus each time you launch! And even if none of these difficulty levels fits your needs - SynyxSudoku has the option to let you create a difficulty level of your own.

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