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Welcome to Spring LDAP with SSL: The entrance is free

Some time ago we started to create our own intranet called CoffeeNet, which is a microservice landscape based on our own Spring Boot Starters, a service discovery and an OAuth2 service. The vision is to create a system with a very easy integration of new applications by just adding a few Spring Boot Starters and starting to code the specific functionality of the new service. We passed that stage of the developer friendly integration, started to look at the security and vulnerability of the system where we tried to make things more secure.

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synyx at the OpenSource Datacenter Conference 2016 #OSDC

Last week we attended the Open Source Datacenter Conference #OSDC 2016 in Berlin. It offered great presentations about open source tools in relation to devops, automation, monitoring, communication, logging, continuous delivery and more. I especially liked that the speakers felt like attendees themselves, with all of them being happy to answer tons of questions and openly discuss their (and other’s) topics and presentations, creating a great atmosphere that felt like working with colleagues that have to solve the same issues and suffer the same pain :-)

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Javascript Linting Tool Evaluation

In our internal JavaScript ‘User Group’ (called JS-Posse in honour of the legendary ‘The Java Posse’ by Dick Wall, Chet Haase et al.), we recently decided to evaluate alternatives to our current JavaScript linting standart, JSHint. Although well established by now among different development teams across synyx, using it never felt 100% comfortable. A quick Google search left us with three alternatives: JSLint by Doug Crockford himself Closure Linter by Google

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yammer - Metrics made easy - Part I

Metrics by yammer provides runtime metrics and statistics for all kind of apps you can imagine. A lot of stuff is directly useable out of the box, for example measuring request/response cycles of webapps and provide histograms of the measured values. So, lets try enabling a simple Java-Application built by maven. First we add needed dependencies into our pom: com.yammer.metrics metrics-core 3.0.0-BETA1 After providing this, we are able to do something like that in our code:

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The Open Source Datacenter Conference 2013

As some of you might already know, synyx provides their employees with an annual budget that we can spend on anything that helps us improve our job skills, such as professional literature, training or seminars and conferences. So, a few weeks ago, when a coworker mentioned the upcoming Open Source Data Center Conference in Nuremberg, we decided to sign up for it and go on an exciting adventure to improve our knowledge of the newest system administration technologies.

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Asynchronous concurrency with vert.x - Part 2

CoffeeScript Vert.x supports JavaScript through the Rhino JavaScript engine. Although JavaScript is a decent language once you get to know it, I prefer CoffeeScript, a language that compiles to JavaScript. Luckily, vert.x has built-in support for CoffeeScript, so I can use it nearly transparently. You will only notice the JavaScript under the hood when reading stack traces, which will refer to the compiled JavaScript file. For the examples in this blog post, the only thing you need to know a little CoffeeScript:

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