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Code with Attitude - Part 1: Values

At synyx we recently came forward with a new tagline, trying to express our general mindset that is distinctive concerning the way we work with clients, the software community and each other. The line is: Code with Attitude In the instant I heard this simple sentence for the first time it triggered a multitude of associations, memories and emotions that I connect with the word "attitude" in conjunction with software development.

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Wie meine Entwicklungsumgebung eingerichtet ist

Beim synyx Camp vor zwei Wochen haben wir uns unter anderem über das Setup unserer Entwicklungsumgebungen unterhalten. Im Folgenden möchte ich kurz berichten, wie ich meine eingerichtet habe und welche Programme ich in meiner alltäglichen Arbeit nicht mehr missen möchte.

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Implementing At Least Once Delivery With RabbitMQ and Spring's RabbitTemplate

Message Delivery Characteristics First some theory about delivery semantics in messaging systems. When a system wants to communicate via a message broker the developer needs a clear understanding of the delivery semantics. At first one needs to know if and how often a message will be delivered to the broker (and potential consumers): At most once - the message is delivered at most once but also not at all.

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Code Coverage with significance

83,9% - what does that even mean? Conversations about unit test coverage usually sound like this: A: “What’s your coverage?” B: “About 83,9%” C: “Meh. Solid.” A: “Solid? That’s incredibly high!” D: “Ours is 40% but we have a lot of generated code so it’s still high.” This shows that the perception of code coverage is highly subjective and most of the time does not have the informative value that a precise percentage indicator like "

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Breakout Session - how to prototype your enterprise project hackathon-like

This is the story of my team creating something awesome within one day. It begins in November of 2017 at "Hack your Office", a 24-hour hackathon hosted in cooperation by my employer synyx and our customer dm-drogerie markt. Although it was an excellent hackathon, this is not the day I am refering to but it was on this day when the idea was born. Several of my team members from dm where participating in the hackathon, even Matthäus - one of our product owners - joined us.

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An Image Slideshow Shortcode For Hugo

Creating static web sites with Hugo is fun and fast but providing a convenient shortcode to smoothly cross-fade an unknown number of images in a blogpost gets a bit tricky… So let’s go!

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