SynyxSudoku update to version 1.02

There were a few little things that had to be changed on SynyxSudoku after the release, so today we uploaded an update to the version 1.02.
Here’s a quick changelog:
* You can now only resume a game after a restart of the app, if you started a game in the previous session (or before) and didn’t solve it. (If the app was moved into the background while a solved game was active, you can still resume it if you like. It’s only gone if you close the app.)
* If you created a game and restarted the app twice you without resuming the sudoku on the first time, you couldn’t resume it the second time, it only displayed a empty field (Thanks to Markus who found this bug).
* The sleep mode is now deactivated if you are on the sudoku screen. (It’s quite annoying if you are in midst of your thinking process and then the screen suddenly turns black…)
If you notice any bugs or if something bothers you about the game, please leave a comment, or write us an email.