Solr as search engine for OpenCms

Matching the time of my talk at this years OpenCms Days we released our module for integrating Solr with OpenCms. A few days have passed now and we had the time to polish the documentation and some aspects of the module.
Solr is a search server that is based on the de facto standard for indexing in Java, Apache Lucene. It provides an abstraction layer above the low level details of indexing and adds some useful features like facetting and synonyms.
Solr is integrated transparently as an OpenCms index and can be used and mixed with common Lucene indexes. Communication is done via HTTP, Solr is accessed using a REST based interface.
We provide two ways to try the module: You can either checkout an example application that you can start up immediately using the OpenCms demo application TemplateTwo. This is the best place if you want to play with some configuration options and just see how all of it works.
Another way is the integration in an existing application which is also described in detail. This is what you would do if you really want to use it in production.
Please feel free to post any questions or feature requests to the issue tracker.


  1. Thank you very much!