Release of SynyxSudoku

We are proud to announce, that our sudoku app, “SynyxSudoku” is now available on the android store. And best of all: It’s completely free of charge ! (except for your traffic costs, of course 🙂 )
SynyxSudoku offers 3 difficulty levels, containing nearly unlimited puzzling fun due to new created sudokus each time you launch!
And even if none of these difficulty levels fits your needs – SynyxSudoku has the option to let you create a difficulty level of your own.
You can also save your best performances in solving the sudokus in the highscore and even upload it to our server to compete with other sudoku players around the world to finally answer the question: “Who is the fastest sudoku-solver?”.
Need a little break during a game? No problem! Just pause, or even close it and you can continue the next time you start. And if somebody calls you in midst of a game, it is automatically paused!
Download our game by searching for Synyx Sudoku on the android market or using this qr-code:

If you are curious how SynyxSudoku looks like, here we have a few screenshots:


  1. Markus, thanks for the feedback! We'll look into it!

  2. Spielt sich soweit gut, aber es scheint ein Problem mit "Spiel fortsetzen" zu geben: Das Spielfeld ist bei mir da vollkommen leer. Könnte evtl. daran liegen das es nicht regulär beendet, sondern durch einen andere Anwendung unterbrochen würde. Aber dieser Fall sollte ja wohl berücksichtig werden...

  3. Hello, Markus, the problem should now be solved, so please update to the new version.
    Now the only case in which an empty field should be shown on resume, is if you select to create your own sudoku, leave the field empty and restart the app.