Mobile Solutions – Summary

Since the inception of our mobile blog last month a lot has happened over at I’m going to highlight some of the stuff for you here.
The biggest news is that our trainee Tobias released our very own Sudoku game for Android handsets:

It’s completely free of charge! …. SynyxSudoku offers 3 difficulty levels, containing nearly unlimited puzzling fun due to new created sudokus each time you launch! And even if none of these difficulty levels fits your needs – SynyxSudoku has the option to let you create a difficulty level of your own.

Our Synyx Sudoku was very well received and downloaded more than 300 times in less than a week. Congratulations to Tobias and if you haven’t checked it out, head over to our mobile blog.
If you are into the hard stuff, be sure to check out Florian‘s tutorial on how to get started programing for the N900:

As a Java developer it was not easy for me to find the right entry point for developing c++, using the trend-setting Qt 4.6 environment and having a cute ide with rapid prototyping capabilities. After a little bit of reading and lots of trials and errors i found a way for me that worked.

It’ll make things less tough and get you started with your development environment. Don’t miss Florian’s next installment and subscribe to the mobile solutions blog’s feed.