Mobile Solutions – Summary

There’s a lot going on over at the mobile solutions blog, so in case you are not subscribed to our feed, which I hope you are, you can grab it here. In order to convince you to hook your favorite reader up to our mobile blog, I’ll highlight a couple of blog posts for you.
Tobias’ post “Android and self-signed ssl certificates” gained a lot of attraction over the past couple of weeks. He basically brings you up to speed on how to tweak Android’s version of Apache Commons Http to work with your own certificate:

Dealing with self-signed ssl certificates is a real pain, because it’s not that simple to add them in your app and let android accept them.
But fortunately, there’s a workaround that uses an own SSLSocketFactory and an own TrustManager. With this, only your added site is beeing able to be called, so theres no security issue.

Another blog post I’d like to point out is by yours truly, on “UI Prototyping iPhone Apps”. It covers a very simple concept and provides you with a framework to employ it in your App development:

I watched a whole bunch of sessions from 2009. Among others a session on “Prototyping iPhone User Interfaces” by Bret Victor… In his session, Bret shows how to prototype an interface only by using with screenshots! … It inspired me to use his framework and the whole process for our own development… Unfortunately, the code for the session isn’t available … After some digging, I found Michael Fey’s blog, who was able to successfully reverse engineer the missing parts, which were not shown in the presentation.

I hope by this time you have already subscribed to our mobile blog and discovered a couple of interesting posts, that our team put together over past couple of months.