Mobile Solutions – Summary

In my last summary I forgot to mention, that I will be at WWDC this year. Now WWDC is over, I just got back and if you want to know more, checkout my blog post here. While I was gone, our team was busy publishing all sorts of good stuff!
Let’s start with the release of Android’s FroYo last month! Achim wrote a nice blog post highlighting the noteworthy features:

FroYo is like each previous version a mixture between API Changes, new Userfeatures and some new cool Apps….
New API-Features:

  • Data Backup API
  • Possibility to save passwords secure

New User Features:

  • updated Exchange Features
  • Remote Wipe

New Apps:

  • Camera and Camcorder updated (possible to enable manually the leds for usage within camcorder)
  • Android Tethering and Usage as Hotspot

Florian, our Maemo guy, followed our Google Maps theme and published the first part of a nice introduction of Google Maps on Maemo 5:

The idea is quite simple. Webkit will render a webpage insider your app. That webpage consists of javascript methods which use the Google Maps-API. The javascript methods can be triggered from the app. The map class acts as proxy for the communication between your app and the website. Quite simple hm?

This is only a small sneak peak of what’s going on over at the mobile solutions blog. I suggest you add it to your favorite feed reader and check it out regularly.