Mobile Solutions – Summary

It has been quite a while since my last update on what’s happening over at our Mobile Solutions Blog, so let’s get right into it.
One of the most interesting posts was “User statistics from SynyxSudoku” by Tobias. It shows the distribution of Android devices, which are running our very own Sudoku App, which by the way got updated a couple of weeks ago:

First of all, I was quite surprised as i saw that 70% of the SynyxSudoku users that uploaded their highscores have also agreed to send us their device specific data, because I really didn’t expect more than 10-20%.

The devices came mostly with the latest Android versions available. … The smaller devices (240×320) aren’t that popular as it seems (maybe because there’s only the HTC Tattoo that uses this resolution), but the others are quite evenly matched.

If you are into Android and need some hard facts, go and checkout the numbers on our Mobile Solutions Blog.
We were looking for a consistent example to show how to solve a problem over the 3 major platforms iPhone, Android and Maemo and Google Maps seemed to be a nice show case.
We decided to start a little tutorial series, which results in three hands-on examples of how to integrate Google Maps in your application. There are code samples for Android and you can already download a UIViewController, which shows “How to add a ‘Find Your Company’ feature to your iPhone App”.
There’s a lot happening in the mobile world and on our Mobile Solutions Blog, so you better head over and subscribe to our feed.