Maven and OpenCms

I previously mentioned that setting up a development environment for OpenCms can be quite hard. Besides our Netbeans module we are using a custom maven plugin for some time now. As we gain a lot of benefit by building our modules from the file system it’s time to release it and see if other people also want to use it. It’s based on an Ant task that has originally been released by Eurelis. Today we released version 1.0 which is now available under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.
The plugin builds OpenCms module zip files from a Maven directory structure and can import these automatically in a running instance. You don’t have to edit any files in the OpenCms workplace anymore, the local filesystem is the basis for your module. Use the archetype to set up a complete installation of OpenCms 7.5.2 or 7.5.4 in no time.
You can find the projects homepage including documentation how to get started and how everything works here. You should not get problems to get up and running after reading the information from the projects Wiki. If you’re having any trouble or feature request feel free to contact us or create a ticket in the projects issue tracker.