Modular Web-Applications based on Spring

Many of the Web-Applications we develop for our customers are based upon our small Framework on top of Spring / Spring MVC. This framework basically brings often used components ready-to-use (or ready to customize) and - of course - makes things even simpler than Spring already does. Modular design of applications brings a lot of advantages but - as always - also some disadvantages. A modular structure can help to increase cohesion and let developers focus on the function their concrete module has.

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Release of SynyxSudoku

We are proud to announce, that our sudoku app, “SynyxSudoku” is now available on the android store. And best of all: It’s completely free of charge ! (except for your traffic costs, of course :-) ) SynyxSudoku offers 3 difficulty levels, containing nearly unlimited puzzling fun due to new created sudokus each time you launch! And even if none of these difficulty levels fits your needs - SynyxSudoku has the option to let you create a difficulty level of your own.

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Howto startup with Maemo and Qt 4.6 - Step1: Setup

As a Java developer it was not easy for me to find the right entry point for developing c++, using the trend-setting Qt 4.6 environment and having a cute ide with rapid prototyping capabilities. After a little bit of reading and lots of trials and errors i found a way for me that worked. First of all, if you use Kubuntu 10.04 like me, you have to edit your /etc/sysctl.conf and add the following line, otherwise the maemo-sdk installer will fail to install: #scratbox maemo sdk fix vm.

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Know your APIs - Lessons learned from ResourceBundle

Last week I spent some time hunting down an internationalization-issue that came along while developing for a recent project. Let me explain what happened: Message-Lookup - of course - always stands together with Locales (java.util.Locale) of the client the message is resolved for. The problem was, that messages for the English users were not resolved to the English translation, but to the German one. Within the project I am working on, there were the following message-files at that time:

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