Java Mail Properties - esmtp authentication error

Last week, we had a problem with sending emails from our application. Currently we use the spring email integration to do this. An esmtp server runs at customers side, which does not accept the default mail settings we made for our local test environment: Following property fixed the problem (after a long time of experimenting with different mail.

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How to add a "Find Your Company" feature to your iPhone App - Part I

We wanted to give our users the possibility to find our office. On the iPhone, the simplest way to do it, is to use Google Maps and the MapKit framework. I won’t go into the details of MapKit here, since Apple’s documentation is awesome and they provide a lot of sample code, which gets you up and running in no time. What I’d like to show you today, is some code, which nicely zooms the Map to your office and current location of the App user, once the MapView is loaded.

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Ausbildungsplatz zum Fachinformatiker/in Systemintegeration

Wir haben noch einen Ausbildungsplatz als Fachinformatiker/in Systemintegration ab September 2010 zu vergeben. Deine Aufgaben: Unterstützung bei der Planung und Erweiterung unserer Infrastruktur Inbetriebnahme, Betreuung und Überwachung unserer Systeme (Debian, Ubuntu, SuSE, Windows 2000, Windows XP) Unterstützen unserer Mitarbeiter bei technischen Problemen Unterstützung von Kunden bei Software- und Hardwareproblemen Unsere Anforderungen: Mittlere Reife oder Hochschulreife Gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift

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Synyx bloggt

Paralell zur Überarbeitung der Synyx Homepage, starten wir unseren Corporate Blog. Interessenten werden dadurch stets über Neues und Wissenswertes von Synyx informiert: Unsere Entwickler berichten über aktuelle Themen aus ihrem Arbeitsalltag und geben ihre Tipps und Tricks zum besten. Dazu gehören auch Blogs rund um das Thema Open Source. Weiterhin wird es Einblicke hinter die Kulissen von Synyx geben. Lasst euch überraschen! Doch das ist noch nicht alles! Seit einer Woche gibt es einen Mobile Solutions Blog, welcher sich rund um die Themen Apple iPhone, Google Android und MeeGo dreht.

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Google Maps on Android - Part 1: Navigation

Integrating a google map on android is quiet simple - how to do this basically is shown in the tutorial on the android developer site. Showing the map itself is one part, but most likely you want to interact with it in some way. The default map is completely zoomed out and centred somewhere over America. As this gives you a good idea how America looks like, it is not very useful for showing the location of the Synyx office.

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Mobile Solutions - Summary

Since the inception of our mobile blog last month a lot has happened over at I’m going to highlight some of the stuff for you here. The biggest news is that our trainee Tobias released our very own Sudoku game for Android handsets: _It’s completely free of charge! .... SynyxSudoku offers 3 difficulty levels, containing nearly unlimited puzzling fun due to new created sudokus each time you launch! And even if none of these difficulty levels fits your needs – SynyxSudoku has the option to let you create a difficulty level of your own.

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